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About DPL Labs

Jeffrey BoccaccioJeffrey BoccaccioDPL Laboratories, Inc. (DPL Labs) was founded in 2007 by President Jeffrey Boccaccio, one of the industry’s foremost experts on high-bandwidth digital signaling solutions such as HDMI™ technology. He also is the creator of the Digital Performance Level Program (DPL Program) – an HDMI™ cable performance testing and rating program.

Boccaccio created a world-class state-of-the-art digital technology testing laboratory at DPL Labs headquarters facility in Ormond Beach, FL. DPL's laboratory provides highly precise and critically accurate HDMI™ cable performance testing. Utilizing an exhaustive, multi-element testing regime, DPL Labs engineers put all submitted cable products through an electronic torture test. Only the best can pass the test.

For those products that excel above and beyond the minimum HDMI™ specification, DPL Labs awards their prestigious “Seal of Approval.” This seal assures you of a product that will exceed your expectations in both performance quality and long-term reliability.

DPL Labs works with some of the finest cable brands in the industry who are committed to building a better cable. As part of the testing process, manufacturers receive a full engineering report on the actual performance of each individual element of their design. With this information, they can work with their engineering teams to continuously improve their future product designs.

Only use HDMI™ cables bearing the DPL Seal of Approval when you want the best performance and reliability from your home entertainment system.