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Why You Should Join the Growing Family of DPL Labs Seal of Approval Member Companies…

There are many reasons why manufacturers and brands of Digital-HD (DHD) products join the DPL Labs family. See some of them below…

Stand Out From the Crowd Make More Money Sell More Cables
Add More Value Be Empowered


If you have a huge budget – perhaps you can aggressively market your way into the hearts and minds of the consumer. But if you’re like many in this business…budgets are too small to pull this off.

DPL Labs can help your brand stand out with a high-quality, lab-tested performance story…And DPL Labs’ marketing amplifies your budget to give your brand more visibility!


Competition is High, Profits are Low…How Can You Differentiate for More Profit?

The High Definition Television (HDTV) industry has undergone dramatic changes over the last five years. The primary drivers of this change are:

  1. The rapid shift from analog to digital connectivity solutions such as Digital-HD (DHD)
  2. The off-shore manufacturing to low-cost economies like China.

One result of these changes is that the barrier-to-entry into the product business was lowered, launching a whole new roster of competitors. And a more competitive industry means lower profits. 

Another result of these changes is that a select few China-based manufacturers  have come to dominate product production – making essentially the same product for multiple product brands…fueling intense price competition that has wrung most, if not all, of the profits out of the business. 

How do you differentiate your products for more profit?

A DPL Labs’ Seal of Approval positions YOUR products far above your competitors, placing you in an elite class and providing you with an opportunity for enhanced profits!


With So Many Digital-HD (DHD) Products to Choose From, Why Should Consumers Pick Yours?

With so many different brands of apparently similar Digital-HD (DHD) products in the market – consumers are becoming confused. Which product is the best choice for their situation? Unfortunately, consumers are getting conflicting advice. Some seemingly knowledgeable sources tell consumers to buy the cheapest product they can find. Other sources tell them that they have to buy high-end products to get decent performance…but don’t tell them the whole story about product performance.

DPL Labs, the industry’ leading authority on Digital-HD (DHD) technology, tells consumers your APPROVED products are the better option for them to buy with a valuable “Seal of Approval” designation…


With Fear of Unreliability, Dealers/Installers/Integrators Are Looking for Dependable Digital-HD (DHD) Brands to Support

Almost from the beginning, Digital-HD (DHD) has been a challenge for dealers, installers, and integrators. Many dealers complain that Digital-HD (DHD) products are difficult to install…or has restrictions limiting its usefulness…or is unreliable.  There is precious little information to help them choose a product that they can sell or install with confidence.

The DPL Labs’ Seal of Approval gives your dealers/installers/integrators peace of mind when selecting a product they can depend upon to sell their customers and complete their installations. 


Tight Resources Means Relying on Overseas Factories for Engineering

For many product brands, engineering budgets have become so tight that companies end up having to rely on the actual overseas manufacturer for the bulk of the engineering of their products. This often means you don’t have the whole story on the products you are selling.

DPL Labs has a world-class digital engineering laboratory that tests your products and provides you with a comprehensive report completely detailing the performance of your products. You can then use this information to specifically direct your factories to design a better product!


Have the World’s Most Recognized Digital-HD (DHD) Authority Recommend Your Brand to Your Customers and Your Dealers…

Become a Participating Member in DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program TODAY!

For more information on how to participate please contact us.