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Today’s Sophisticated Home A/V Entertainment Systems 

Flat panel televisions with high-resolution, high-definition video, Blu-Ray DVD players, Sony PlayStation3 Game Systems, 7-channel surround sound audio systems, and more are all part of today’s home audio/video entertainment systems. These increasingly sophisticated digital systems are very exciting, very entertaining, and at times very confusing.

But new technologies, especially high-bandwidth, high data-rate digital HDTV systems call for a new – and digital  - way to interconnect systems. To address this situation, a group of top industry companies got together to create an all-new, digital connectivity solution that gives you the best possible performance with a simplified hook-up. This system is called High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI™.

Because one HDMI™ cable connects both audio and video, it can simplify the set-up of a standard A/V system. And because HDMI™ is a digital solution, the quality of your audio and video is much better than previous analog-based systems.

But many consumers trying to employ HDMI™ ran into difficulties with this new solution. As the industry raced to provide HDMI™ cables, the rapidly multiplying brands and models caused some confusion. Not only that, but some HDMI™ cables worked well, but others didn’t seem to work. And depending on your installation, sometimes even brand name cables didn’t seem to work well.

This caused many A/V system owners to ask:

  • There are so many HDMI™ cables to choose from, which one should I buy?
  • I keep hearing about problems with HDMI™ cables, how do I protect myself from having these problems?
  • My dealer is recommending a well-known but expensive cable brand. Do I really have to spend this much to get good HDMI™ performance?
  • How can I be sure that if I choose a lower-priced cable…it will work?

DPL Labs Has the Answer

DPL Labs provides state-of-the-art testing for critically accurate HDMI™ cable performance testing. Utilizing an exhaustive, multi-element testing regime, DPL Labs engineers put HDMI™ cable products from participating companies through an electronic torture test. Only the best can pass the test.

For those cables that excel well beyond the HDMI™ minimum specification, DPL Labs awards their prestigious “Seal of Approval.” This seal assures you of a cable that will deliver the best system performance quality and long-term reliability.

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When You Need reliable HDMI™ Performance…

You Need DPL Labs Seal of Approval