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Today’s Sophisticated Home A/V Entertainment Systems 

Flat panel televisions with high-resolution, high-definition video, Blu-Ray DVD players, PlayStation Game Systems, 7-channel surround sound audio systems, and more are all part of today’s home audio/video entertainment systems. These increasingly sophisticated digital systems are very exciting, very entertaining, and at times very confusing.

Because one Digital-HD (DHD) product supports both audio and video, it can simplify the set-up of a standard A/V system. And because Digital-HD (DHD) is a digital solution, the quality of your audio and video is much better than previous analog-based systems.

But many consumers trying to employ Digital-HD (DHD) ran into difficulties with digital solutions. As the industry raced to provide Digital-HD (DHD) products, the rapidly multiplying brands and models caused some confusion. Not only that, but some Digital-HD (DHD) products worked well, but others didn’t seem to work. And depending on your installation, sometimes even brand name products didn’t seem to work well.

This caused many A/V system owners to ask:

  • There are so many Digital-HD (DHD) products to choose from, which one should I buy?
  • I keep hearing about problems with Digital-HD (DHD) products, how do I protect myself from having these problems?
  • My dealer is recommending a well-known but expensive product brand. Do I really have to spend this much to get good Digital-HD (DHD) performance?
  • How can I be sure that if I choose a lower-priced product…it will work?

DPL Labs Has the Answer

DPL Labs provides state-of-the-art testing for critically accurate Digital-HD (DHD) product performance testing. Utilizing an exhaustive, multi-element testing regime, DPL Labs engineers put Digital-HD (DHD) products from participating companies through an electronic torture test. Only the best can pass the test.

For those products that excel well beyond the DPL minimum specification, DPL Labs awards their prestigious “Seal of Approval.” This seal assures you of a product that will deliver the best system performance quality and long-term reliability.

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When You Need reliable Digital-HD (DHD) Performance…

You Need DPL Labs Seal of Approval