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  • Find out how to ensure maximum performance in your home A/V systems through the use of quality digital connectivity solutions such as HDMI™ cables.
  • Learn more about the challenges of digital high definition multimedia installations and why cable quality is an important consideration.
  • See how the DPL Seal of Approval can help you select the best cable for your needs.
  • Learn the simple steps you can take to ensure that your customers are satisfied with their HDMI™ purchases.
  • Find out how you can best insure that your installations exceed minimum requirements to ensure high quality and long lasting system performance.
  • See why more and more dealers are demanding the DPL Seal of Approval on all of their HDMI™ cables.
  • Find out why more brands are having their cables tested in DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program.
  • Learn what the benefits of program participation are.
  • Take the next step: Apply for program participation.