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DPL Member: DirectConnect

DPL Approved Products

A very special group of manufacturers & cable brands are committed to providing their customers with superior performing & more reliable Digital-HD (DHD) products.

By becoming a participating member of the DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program, these manufacturer’s products are thoroughly tested – only the best pass the test and are awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval.

DPL Approved Products - DirectConnect®

The following products have been tested and granted the DPL Labs Seal of Approval:


 DPL 4K Certification Status*
Model Length  Speed Active 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
Prisma4Kolor® Series      
      HSI-0.5M RP 0.5 meter High Speed    4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-1M RP 1 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-2M RP 2 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-3M RP 3 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-5M RP 5 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HSI-7.5M RP 7.5 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G  
      HSI-10M RP 10 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G  
      HSI-15M RP 15 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G  
      HSI-20M RP 20 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G  
      HSI-25M RP 25 meter High Speed Active 4K-10.2G  

For more information on these APPROVED cables, as well as other fine products from this company, please see their website here… 


Company Profile

Since 1996, DirectConnect® has been a leading manufacturer of products and solutions designed specifically for the custom integration industry, especially as it relates to the installation of sophisticated audio, video, security, data, and networking systems. DirectConnect® offers a wide range of products – HDMI™ products, bulk wire and cable, connectors, installation hardware, baluns, mounts, distribution panels, patch panels, tools, and wall plates - that help installers find the perfect solution to any installation challenge they may encounter on the job site.


Contact Info:

4747 Westpark
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: 800.531.3224


Product Info

Prisma4Kolor® SeriesPrisma4Kolor® SeriesDirectConnect® offers a wide assortment of HDMI™ cables to meet a variety of system requirements. 

DirectConnect® has received the seal of approval from DPL Labs for eight flat and round HDMI™ cables and is a recipient of the Custom Retailer™ HDMI™ Cables and Technology and Product 2008 Exc!te Award, with a complete line of 1080P/60Hz/165Hz flat and round HDMI™ cables.

2015 HDMI™ cables are available from .5 meter to 25 meter. DPL-rated cables start with the HSI-0.5 RP up to 25 meters

HDMI™ cables with metal ends are available from 1 meter to 15 meter, with DPL-rated flat cables from 1 meter to 3 meters.


  • Ultra HD
  • 18Gpbs 4k/60 4x4x4  (.5 meter through 5 meter)
  • 10.2Gpbs and beyond 4k/60/4x2x0 (7.5 meter through 25 meter)
  • Passive and Active cable line to maximize performance
  • 48 bit color
  • Supports 3D
  • Ethernet
  • Audio Return Channel
  • CL2/FT4 Rated
  • DPL 4k Certified