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DPL Member: Entegrale

DPL Approved Products

A very special group of manufacturers & cable brands are committed to providing their customers with superior performing & more reliable Digital-HD (DHD) products.

By becoming a participating member of the DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program, these manufacturer’s products are thoroughly tested – only the best pass the test and are awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval.

DPL Approved Products - Entegrale

The following products have been tested and granted the DPL Labs Seal of Approval:


         DPL 4K Certification Status*
Model Length Speed Active 4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
Ruby Series
      Ruby 1.5 1.5 meter  High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      Ruby 3 3 meters  High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      Ruby 5 5 meters  High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
Carbon Series          
      Carbon 1.5 1.5  meter  High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      Carbon 3 3 meters  High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      Carbon 5 5 meters  High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      Carbon 10 10 meters  High Speed  Active 4K-10.2G  
      Carbon 12 12 meters  High Speed  Active 4K-10.2G  
      Carbon 15 15 meters  High Speed  Active 4K-10.2G  
      Carbon 20 20 meters  High Speed   4K-10.2G  
      CRUX-12 Distribution Device  4K-10.2G
      CRUX-HBEXT 70M Category 5 Extender  4K-10.2G


      CRUX-LR Adaptors

      CRUX-DR Adaptors
      CRUX-DU Adaptors
      CRUX-UD Adaptors

      CRUX-SP Surge Protector 4K-10.2G  

* For more information on DPL's 4K Certification Levels and what they mean please visit the DPL Full 4K Cable Certification page. 


Company Profile

Entegrale cables are researched and designed in Denmark, the world's centre for excellence in audio and video technology. Blending the highest levels of technology with state-of-the-art manufacturing and build quality provides long lasting cables that deliver cutting edge quality - far beyond HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 standards. Our advanced design, testing and manufacturing processes have successfully overcome the challenges of evolving specifications and fast paced quality manufacturing. 


Contact Info:

Axel Gruhns Vej 2b
DK-8270 Højbjerg


Product Info

Entegrale World Class HDMI and Connectivity Solutions is proud to be among one of the world's first DPL Labs 4K, 18GBPS, Deep Color certified line of cables. Our highly advanced in-house standards for data transmission speed and materials ensured even our inaugural line passed the world's most stringent test bench at DPL Labs on our first attempt.

Entegrale's DPL Labs (4K |18G | DC) Certified Reference Link series uses the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes:
  • Improved EMI protection with solid metal shield inner instead of foil
  • Advanced reliability, consistency and strength with patented automated infrared soldering
  • Added grip and surface contact with zinc alloy die cast anti-fatigue connector head
  • Quality inside is ensured with long grain solid core oxygen free copper


Ruby Reference Link SeriesRuby Reference Link Series

Ruby Reference Link Series from Entegrale was developed for the discerning critical enthusiast. A cable that has surpassed all independent test standards.


  • HDMI 2.0 | 4K | Ultra HD | 2160P | Ethernet Enabled
  • High Grade Solid Core Long Grain OFC | Super Grip Zinc Alloy Head
  • 18 GBPS | 4K 60 FPS | 2 Video Streams | Rec. 2020 Deep Color
  • 3D | Dynamic Audio Video sync
  • 4 Audio Streams | ARC | 32 Channel Audio | 1536 khz Total Audio





Entegrale Carbon SeriesEntegrale Carbon SeriesCarbon Super Spec Link Series from Entegrale was developed to beat the HDMI standard and set a new benchmark for entry level performance.  Expect the Carbon Super Spec to deliver flawless pictures and sound.  


  • High Grade OFC | Rigid Foil Shield | Gold Plated Connector
  • 10.2 GBPS | 4K 30 FPS | 3D | Deep Color | Ethernet Enabled
  • Lossless HD Audio | Auto Lip Sync
  • Active with Spectra7 Technology for 33/40/50 foot lengths
  • CMG/ FT4 IN - WALL rated