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DPL Member: Kordz

DPL Approved Products

A very special group of manufacturers & cable brands are committed to providing their customers with superior performing & more reliable Digital-HD (DHD) products.

By becoming a participating member of the DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program, these manufacturer’s products are thoroughly tested – only the best pass the test and are awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval.

DPL Approved Products - Kordz

The following products have been tested and granted the DPL Labs Seal of Approval:


           DPL 4K Certification Status*
Model Length Speed Active 4K-10.2G 4k-18G-DC
EVS-R Series
      EVS-HD0060R 0.6 meter High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      EVS-HD0120R 1.2 meter High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      EVS-HD0180R 1.8 meter High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      EVS-HD0240R 2.4 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      EVS-HD0300R 3.0 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      EVS-HD0500R 5.0 meter High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC

* For more information on DPL's 4K Certification Levels and what they mean please visit the DPL Full 4K Cable Certification page. 


Company Profile

Kordz is devoted to providing connectivity solutions for AV professionals. Founded in Australia in 2003 to address the needs of the custom and commercial AV installation communities, Kordz has evolved into a well-respected, multi-award winning brand. Specializing in reliable long-reach HDMI, Kordz is committed to understanding our customers and delivering high standards of practical design, quality manufacturing, reliability and support; all of which are key to successful product integration.


Contact Info:

Kordz Pty Ltd
2/9 Sir Laurence Drive
Seaford VIC 3198
Phone: +61 3 9776 8340
Fax: +61 3 9776 8390


Product Info

Kordz EVS-RKordz EVS-REVS-R Series

Kordz EVS-R High Performance HDMI cables meet today’s most demanding video bandwidth requirements with uncompromising audio clarity. Available in six lengths from 0.6m (2’) to 5m (16’), all Kordz EVS-R cable provide guaranteed 18Gbps performance to support the latest video formats such as Ultra HD/4K 60 4:4:4