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DPL Member: Transparent

DPL Approved Products

A very special group of manufacturers & cable brands are committed to providing their customers with superior performing & more reliable Digital-HD (DHD) products.

By becoming a participating member of the DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program, these manufacturer’s products are thoroughly tested – only the best pass the test and are awarded the prestigious Seal of Approval.

DPL Approved Products - Transparent

The following products have been tested and granted the DPL Labs Seal of Approval:


           DPL 4K Certification Status*
Model Length Speed Active 4K-10.2G 4k-18G-DC
Hardwired Custom HDMI Series
      HWC-HDMI18 18 inch High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HWC-HDMI3 3 feet High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HWC-HDMI6 6 feet High Speed
4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HWC-HDMI10 10 feet High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC
      HWC-HDMI15 15 feet High Speed   4K-10.2G 4K-18G-DC

* For more information on DPL's 4K Certification Levels and what they mean please visit the DPL Full 4K Cable Certification page. 





Company Profile

Transparent Audio has manufactured the world's finest music system and home theater cables and power conditioning products for nearly 4 decades. Based in Maine, Transparent designs and manufactures interconnects, speaker cables, digital audio cables, HDMI® cables, power conditioning, and power cords for music lovers, audiophiles, home theater enthusiasts, and music and film studio professionals.


Contact Info:

Transparent Audio, Inc.
47 Industrial Park Rd.
Saco, ME 04072 USA
Phone: 207-284-1100


Product Info

Transparent - Hardwired Custom HDMI® SeriesTransparent - Hardwired Custom HDMI® SeriesHardwired Custom HDMI® Series

Transparent’s Hardwired Perfect Image Custom HDMI® was developed from the ground up for outstanding delivery of a cleaner, crisper picture and rich, vivid sound for your home theater.  Conceived to exceed HDMI® 2.0 specifications, Hardwired HDMI® cables are DPL-verified to deliver full 4K performance at 18 Gbps with HDR “Deep Color”.

  • HDMI® High Speed with Ethernet (and ARC)
  • HDMI® 2.0 Compliant with 18 Gbps performance
  • Lengths above 10’ utilize active circuitry to maintain High Speed specifications 
  • High quality gold plated semi-locking HDMI connectors won’t fall out 
  • Ultra compact connector body fits through 3/4” electrical conduit 
  • Flexible design makes for easy cable management 
  • CL2 and FT4 rated for inwall applications