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DPL Seal of Approval Program - Only the Best Can Pass the Test!

DPL Labs is the industry’s premier Digital-HD (DHD) technology testing laboratory. Specializing in digital connectivity solutions - DPL Labs is the creator of the DPL Seal of Approval Program.

Today’s digital A/V entertainment systems are extremely demanding with incredibly high data rates leaving no room for error by your digital interconnect. 

DPL Labs created their Seal of Approval program to help buyers find the best and most reliable Digital-HD (DHD) products available. We thoroughly test the digital products with a rigorous multi-element testing regime that clearly establishes the product’s performance capability.

A product bearing the DPL Seal of Approval is guaranteed to meet or exceed DPL’s standards and assures you of a high quality product that will give you years of reliable performance.

When you want to be sure… be sure to ask for the DPL Seal of Approval on any Digital-HD (DHD) product you purchase or use. 

Only the best can pass the test!


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