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DPL Seal of Approval Program - Only the Best Can Pass the Test!

DPL Labs is the industry’s premier digital technology testing laboratory. Specializing in digital connectivity solutions such as HDMI™ cables - DPL Labs is the creator of the DPL Seal of Approval Program.

Today’s digital A/V entertainment systems are extremely demanding with incredibly high data rates leaving no room for error by your digital interconnect. 

Although HDMI™ was introduced many years ago, our tech support team continues to hear reports of unreliable performance in installations utilizing HDMI™ cables. Not only that, but there is a dizzying array of HDMI™ cables for the buyer to choose from – some excellent, some questionable.

DPL Labs created their Seal of Approval program to help buyers find the best and most reliable HDMI™ cables available. We thoroughly test HDMI™ cables with a rigorous multi-element testing regime that clearly establishes the cable’s performance capability.

A cable bearing the DPL Seal of Approval is guaranteed to exceed HDMI’s standards and assures you of a high quality cable that will give you years of reliable performance.

When you want to be sure… be sure to ask for the DPL Seal of Approval on any HDMI™ cable you purchase or use. 

Only the best can pass the test!


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