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Taking a journey to the inner depths of HDMI

The HDMI interface has become one of the most talked about and misunderstood technologies to enter the consumer electronics industry. The level of complexity makes a typical analog connection look microscopic by comparison.

Is it a mystery, paranoia, or is it simply a lack of understanding an interface that offers the highest levels of video and audio performance ever achieved in our industry.

Learn and understand the differences between digital and analog television. It's a whole new ballgame with brand new rules and procedures that you need to know. See the latest in testing parameters utilizing Eye Patterns, Rise Times. Timing, and Inter-pair Skew measurement tools with capabilities of measuring data to the nearest nano-second.

Jeffrey Boccaccio has been active on several industry committees, including CEMA/FCC HDTV Petitions and Definitions Committees,including Working Group 3.Jeffrey also is the contributing columnist for CEPro's “HDMI Corner” and Wide Screen Review. Jeffrey is currently focused in on the development of the new Digital Performance Level program (DPL), a program that will increase HDMI reliability by ranking each product by its performance level and not fancy packaging or price.

Being on the ground floor of technology along with the recent changes in the industry, combined with his creative engineering skills earned him the recognition of being the authority on new technology in the audio/video industry. He has presented seminars about Radio Frequency, High Definition Television, Digital Signaling (HDMI) and New Technology at CES, CEDIA Regional and CEDIA EXPO. He has also been the keynote speaker at many specialty audio/video retail events and conducted staff training at several of the leading A/V manufacturers.

As one of the foremost authorities on HDMI, Mr. Boccaccio's HDMI Workshop's continues to attract standing room only crowds all over the U.S.


The Next HDMI Journey Will Be Held At:

The Aim High 2nd Annual BIG Show