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Frequently Asked Questions 


What does “DPL” stand for?

DPL stands for Digital Performance Level.


What is DPL Labs mission?

DPL’s mission is to provide independent, honest, accurate, true performance – based guidance to assist those who are in the market to acquire high-bandwidth, high-definition digital products. 


Why should I ask for DPL-Approved products?

Digital-HD (DHD) products bearing the DPL Seal of Approval have been rigorously tested in our independent laboratory with the resulting performance compared to an objective reference standard. Those products that exceed our reference standards are awarded the prestigious DPL Seal of Approval.

With so many Digital-HD (DHD) products on the market, the only way to know for sure which product exceeds industry standards for performance and reliability is to look for the DPL Seal of Approval.

Is DPL only testing cable products?

DPL Labs is testing Digital-HD (DHD) products. Initially, DPL began with cable products and is expanding into other product categories. Watch for upcoming announcements as we continue to expand the DPL-ecosystem 

Where can I find DPL-Approved cables?

The best place to look is right here on the DPL website. Go to “DPL Approved Products” under the “DPL Expanded” Menu at the top, left-hand side of the page. You can then either select a logo on the page, or a brand name in the menu on the left.

Or you can simply follow this link… 


What does it mean to be a “participating member” of the DPL Seal of Approval Program?

Participating members are brands of products like Digital-HD (DHD) products that join the DPL Program as a sign of support for our mission. Generally, these members ultimately submit products for testing.

DPL Program participating members are companies committed to helping their dealers and consumers sort through the dizzying array of Digital-HD (DHD)products to find those products that are superior performing and more reliable. When you want a better Digital-HD (DHD) product, buy a DPL Approved Digital-HD (DHD) product from one of our participating members.


Isn’t it true that members “pay” for their ratings?

No… this is a falsehood. Members pay a fee for the testing of their products. This money goes to pay engineers to actually conduct the testing which – due to the sophistication and detail of the testing regime – takes a half-day per product model to complete. There is no assurance of whether the product will pass or fail.

Actually, DPL Labs fails many more times products than it actually passes. Only those products that exceed our reference standard are awarded the Seal of Approval.