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How the DPL Seal of Approval Program Works

Brand-name cable companies who desire a DPL Labs’ Seal of Approval provide no fewer than five separate samples of each cable model that they want tested. DPL Labs subjects each sample to a rigorous multi-element testing regime to determine the cable’s actual performance.

Helping Industry Build Better Cables

Pass or fail, DPL Labs’ engineers generate an extensively detailed report on how each cable model performed. These reports show precisely how each element of that cable tested and, if necessary, exactly where it failed. Many participating companies have taken this information and used it in engineering future products that perform even better.

These tests are tough!

We have seen many cables fail our testing process as only the best can pass the test. To receive a DPL Labs’ Seal of Approval, the cable must exceed by a substantial margin HDMI™ minimum standards. Only top quality cables are able to earn a Seal of Approval.

DPL Secret Shoppers

And even those who do pass these rigorous tests aren’t out of the woods yet. At regular intervals, DPL Labs secret shoppers purchase samples of approved products in the field from retailers that consumers frequent. These samples receive follow-up testing to be sure that products actually delivered to consumers are of the same level of quality as the originally tested samples.