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Why You Can Trust the DPL Seal of Approval

In this day and age of smoke and mirrors marketing, everybody always says, “Trust Me.” Why should you trust DPL Labs Seal of Approval Program?


  • DPL uses only the finest testing equipment for high bandwidth digital signaling. 
  • DPL Labs engineers created custom testing processes and algorithms to assure absolutely the most accurate and highest resolution test results.


  • DPL Labs is a completely independent testing agency.
  • Brands participating in the program pay a testing fee and have no assurance of a given result. The manufacturer finds out their result when they receive their engineering report after the testing is complete.
  • All testing is done at DPL Labs independent testing laboratory and only by DPL employees.
  • Companies may not have their engineers or other representatives present or involved in the testing at any time, or in any manner.


  • All companies that desire DPL certification supply DPL Labs with a specified minimum number of units of each model that they wish to have tested. This allows DPL Labs to test for production consistency. Also, providing multiple samples guards against the submission of one specially optimized product that may not represent products actually sold to consumers.
  • Companies supplying products to DPL Labs for testing have no inkling of their product's results until after the actual testing has been completed, results have been tabulated, and an engineering report has been generated. Lab test results and product approval status are non-negotiable.
  • DPL Labs purchases previously approved products via a “secret shopper” in various retail stores around the country and separately tests them. If results vary dramatically from samples previously provided, the brand may lose its Approved status.
  • DPL Labs openly and publicly publishes a list of approved products on its website at Only products listed on the DPL Labs website have been tested and approved.


The DPL Seal of Approval

Look for DPL Labs Seal of Approval on the product’s packaging as your assurance of a better performing, more reliable Digital-HD (DHD) product.

When you need reliableDigital-HD (DHD) performance… you need DPL Labs Seal of Approval!